Sahy Remando – Canoeing

We are happy and proud that, finally, the project we wanted to realise has started!

The project “Sahy Remando – Formando cidadãos” was conceived and implemented by the will and collaboration of the Duccio Cipriani Avena Foundation and Fabio Paiva (award-winning canoeist and initiator of Hawaiian canoeing in Brazil), with the valuable participation of the Instituto Verdescola and the important contribution of the “Association of Friends of Duccio Cipriani Avena” in Italy.

Starting at the beginning of August 2021, “Sahy Remando” offers 24 boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 16 an opportunity to make team sport an all-round training tool. In addition to the physical activity offered by canoeing, “Sahy Remando” offers lessons taught by qualified personnel on various aspects of daily life and the environment of Sahy. 

By paddling along the coast of Sahy and up the river, the participants learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation and helping each other. At the same time they learn more about the nature of their region, its value and how to protect it. With snacks at the beginning and end of the course, prepared by a nutritionist, they learn how an adequate and balanced diet has a beneficial effect on their mental and physical state, as does physical activity. 

The participants were selected in collaboration with the Verdescola Institute, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation and a very important reality for the Sahy region, which assists about a thousand children, adolescents and young people after school every day.

For the “Sahy Remando” project, participants from the region’s state schools were chosen according to merit criteria. According to some teachers, some of the participants have already improved in terms of academic and disciplinary performance.

The first reactions of the children involved are enthusiastic; they are proud to participate and talk about it at school, in their homes and to their friends.

At the end of this first teaching cycle, in December 2021, an equally important part of the project will therefore be to evaluate the impact on all the people involved in this activity, with the aim that the “Sahy Remando” project will become a stable project, offering its community a strong reference for physical, social and environmental education for its new generations. 

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